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Premarital and Early Relationship Counseling

If you are an engaged couple, planning to marry or in a relationship that is young, this is the perfect time to receive Relationship Counseling. At this juncture of your relationship it is likely that you are happy together and anticipate a long, successful and joyful union. What an odd time to pursue counseling sessions... right? Wrong! You've probably heard the divorce statistics - over 50% of the marriages in the US end up in divorce. These are not reassuring statistics! The average length of marriage is six years. These numbers tell us that many couples are not prepared to deal with marriage. Findings also show that couples who participate in premarital counseling report a 30% stronger marriage than other couples. The data suggests that there is an optimal window of opportunity for premarital counseling. The advantageous window spans the year preceding the wedding and the first six months after the wedding.

Why is it so difficult to sustain a happy marriage or partnership?

Early in our relationships, our delight and resilience have more momentum than the disappointments and resentments. No matter how solid your relationship is, nobody escapes the difficult moments; they are a given. When such moments become painful and aren't resolved, the memoires and feelings fester and stack, resulting in a "Negativity Effect". A Negativity Effect is our tendency to respond more strongly to negative events and emotions than the positive ones. Research tells us that successful marriages are not defined by improvement, but by avoiding decline. The good things we do don't impact the success of a relationship as much as the negative things we do or DON'T DO. Unfortunately, when the sum of unresolved and unrepaired bad moments take their toll, we react with disappointment, distance, guardedness, moodiness or anger. When this happens the trust and connection is fragile at best, absent at worst.

Those who have the most potential for a partnership of happy longevity are those who know how to swim in the rough waters, get to shore and repair the damage.

You will learn

  • About your unhelpful coping strategies for dealing with conflict and relational stress
  • How to fight well and smart
  • How to differ productively
  • How to identify what you need and effectively ask for it
  • How to repair damage
  • How to be with yourself or your partner when one of you is in a difficult mood or state

I would be delighted to work with you to help you build the solid ground from which your union can grow and flourish.

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Junelle ...

  • Creates safety
  • Is a licensed therapist
  • Has over 30 years of experience
  • Works collaboratively with you
  • Protects your confidentiality
  • Offers a free 20 minute phone consultation

How do I get started?

Take some time to contemplate your situation. If you feel that you would like to meet me and see if therapy might be helpful for you, I will be happy to provide you a 20 minute phone consultation so that I can get a sense of your needs, answer your questions and provide you with some information about how I work.

If you'd like to speak with me or make an appointment, please call at 707-792-2654.

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