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Trauma and Loss

"Your grief for what you've lost lifts a mirror up to where you're bravely working."
~ Rumi

When we experience a trauma, something happens to us that shocks and hurts us so profoundly that we are either unable to cope, or we adapt coping strategies that hurt more than help. Trauma is created through the experience accidents, violence (experienced or witnessed), domination, abuse, isolation, death or loss of loved ones or by natural disasters. It can result from a one-time event or repeating events. Those of us in Sonoma county are rife with the experience of trauma due to the recent fires. Many continue to recover from the loss and effects of these fires while others anxiously anticipate the "new normal" of autumn fire season, and the threat of loss, evacuations, prolonged power outages and unforeseeable change.

Traumatic events can damage psychological development in children and mental/psychological functioning in adults. Trauma not only evokes debilitating fear, but also grief, rage and hopelessness. The trauma may have informed your behavior and beliefs about yourself, others and the world in detrimental ways.

Here's what happens: When something really bad happens and we feel powerless or unable to control our environment or our future, we create a psychological strategy to protect ourselves. These are called defenses. Defenses are not bad things; without them, we literally couldn't function. The bad news is that these defenses create coping strategies that can interfere with our quality of life by compromising our ability to love and be loved to pursue goals, make healthy decisions and experience self-worth.

In therapy, my job is to help you work through or around these defenses, gently, compassionately and tenaciously, so that you can know and express yourself undistorted by limiting defenses. Together we can tend to the fear, undo aloneness and allow your grief to unfold.

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