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Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them. ~ Albert Einstein
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I am often asked about the kinds of people I work with and my areas of specialization. The simple truth is that I work with everyday people who are struggling and worried. They might be challenged with a major change occurring in their life or with distress that has been building momentum for years. The distress may be resulting in behaviors and coping mechanisms that are troubling to themselves or those around them. If you can relate to this you might be someone who is trying to recover from a painful relationship breakup or loss.

The ups and downs of the economy and employment may be undermining your self worth and ability to think and act proactively. You may still be recovering from recent Santa Rosa and Sonoma County fires, while striving respond to the "new normal" of an annual fire season. If you wonder how to face climate changes without succumbing to the tyranny of anxiety and hopelessness, you are not alone! These are just some of the problems facing the people I see. And yes, these problems happen for everyday people like you and me. But unfortunately, such problems often make us feel too overwhelmed, alone and flawed to be everyday folk.

My specialization ...

... is YOU! Yes there are specific diagnoses and conditions I work with and you can click here to find out more about them. The bottom line is that I am more interested in you than in your problem, condition or diagnosis. You are so much more than your diagnosis. What's most important to me is helping you feel alive, vital and empowered to face challenges whether personal or collective. When your sense of aliveness is in place, problems can come and go through a swinging door and your inner resources will direct your actions and keep you proactively on course.

Why Junelle Barrett Porter?

I am passionate about working with you to cultivate positive changes within yourself so you can be all of who you want to be in your lives and relationships. My style is active, direct and compassionate. I bring over 30 years of experience as a therapist, a love of humor, a curious nature, a compassionate heart, a deep interest in spiritual development, and a high regard for honesty - even if I find it challenging or disturbing. While my work is in informed by many valuable theories and models, my first matter of business is to carefully listen to you, while finding guidance from my instincts, intellect, body and heart - not necessarily in that order!

Best Santa Rosa Therapist

Psychotherapy & Counseling - Licensed and Caring

Junelle ...

  • Creates safety
  • Is a licensed therapist
  • Has over 30 years of experience
  • Works collaboratively with you
  • Protects your confidentiality
  • Offers a free 20 minute phone consultation

How do I get started?

Take some time to contemplate your situation. If you feel that you would like to meet me and see if therapy might be helpful for you, I will be happy to provide you a 20 minute phone consultation so that I can get a sense of your needs, answer your questions and provide you with some information about how I work.

If you'd like to speak with me or make an appointment, please call at 707-792-2654.

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Clients Testimonials

These testimonials came to me by way of unsolicited letters and cards from previous clients.

"... I have continued to spend time each week growing and learning. I understand myself so much better now. Thanks to all the effort we both placed on me! And thanks for your patience and persistence with me at the beginning - I was pretty doubtful that therapy would lead to much. I can honestly say that I am more of a father now. I take pride in that. I don't hate anymore. I still hurt sometimes but I like who I am."

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I'm very private and it is important to me that issues I talk about are confidential. Is my confidentiality completely protected?

Yes. By law I am bound to protect your confidentiality. The exceptions to this are related to child or elder abuse or a threat to harm another person. If you want to use a third party payer to pay for therapy it will be necessary to provide the information required by your insurance company which will likely include a diagnosis. If this is the case I will discuss with you what is disclosed to an insurer.

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